Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top Chef Rematch: Ed Versus Tiffany
"Top Chef" Season 7 contestants Ed Cotton and Tiffany Derry duked it out in a quickfire-style seafood entrée challenge in Dallas, Texas, recently. The charity event, sponsored by Sysco Sustainable Seafood, was set up to benefit Friends of the Dallas Furniture Bank, which provides furniture for those in need. For all you Top Chef fans, who do you think won the event?

Ed fought hard, but Tiffany won by one point! “She had home field advantage. She had a good group rooting her on and one person raffled from the audience was a guest judge,” Ed said begrudgingly, when we talked recently for Ed's comment made me chuckle, since Tiffany does often remind everyone on the "Top Chef All Stars" that she is from Beaumont, Texas. I don’t know what Tiffany made for the quick-fire, but Ed’s dish sounded delicious: Swordfish encrusted in multiple types of peppercorn, served with saffron and fennel jous.
Do you watch Top Chef? Who do you have picked to win "Top Chef All Stars"?


  1. Top Chef is the best cooking / reality show on TV. Both of these contestent were wildly popular to viewers. I hope to be able to taste both Ed's and Tiffany's cooking one day.

  2. Who will win TC all stars?

    Blais.. he's the best chef to never win.. if he does win, Angelo will be the best to never win.. him or Botaggio's twin brother that didn't win..

  3. I pretty much agree on all of the above. I pick Richard - I was hoping it would be between him and Antonia. But Mike is coming from behind. Hmmm....