Friday, August 19, 2016

Why TR Fire Grill is a new favorite

I'm glad one of our friends introduced TR Fire Grill in Winter Park to us recently. Even though it has been open a few months, little did I know that we were missing out on delicious food and cocktails, as well as outstanding atmosphere and service!

The restaurant sources locally-produced meats and you can tell in the flavor of the dishes, such as the Bibb Salad with Chicken, which was very interesting and fresh. Our favorite dish, though was the Salmon & Zoodles, which features a large portion of perfectly-cooked salmon, zucchini noodles and a scrumptious cream sauce with Feta and Romesco. This is definitely a treat - and an original dish compared to other restaurants.

Ending the meal, we enjoyed one of the best desserts I have had in awhile: Chocolate Mayhem. (Tip: order the "small" size for two to three people). The decadent chocolate cake was accompanied by a crunchy coffee ice cream and a mouthwatering chocolate ice cream. We will never get tired of this dessert!

We also want to try the Bacon-Wrapped Smoked Meatloaf, Smoked Meatballs and the Chicken and Waffles.

Beyond the tasty, high quality food, we were most impressed with the service. Servers are very professional and friendly, and even bring hot towels at the end of the meal in order to clean your hands. We also love the modern decor and lighting!


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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Top Eateries in Fort Lauderdale

My husband and I recently enjoyed a quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale. Besides the 100 degree temperatures (and everyone on the beach staring and pointing at me because my skin is so white!), we had a great trip! 

Locals told us about some not-to-miss eateries and here our favorites:

1. Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour & Restaurant. Located in Dania Beach, this is a not-to-miss treat when you visit the area. A 30-year-old, family-run business, the shop makes all their ice cream from scratch. You can choose from four different cones, malts, shakes, banana splits, sundaes and regular ice cream. Our Chocolate Malt was delicious and tasted exactly like it was supposed to. I tried the sugar-free Strawberry ice cream, and it was outstanding. 

2. Colada Cuban Coffee House & Eatery. Craving authentic Cuban Cafe con Leche, we sought out this coffee house near the Victoria Park neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. Not only were we impressed with our coffee, but the food and service were outstanding. The staff was very friendly, and Steven was the one who helped us find outstanding local restaurants. The coffee house gets all their authentic Cuban pastries and bread from the nearby Miramar Bakery. I would recommend the Bacon Egg & Cheese sandwich with avocado on croissant and a side of plantains. 

Runner up: The Brass Tap off of Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Yes, it is part of a chain. But we really enjoyed the live music on the night we went and the in-house brewed craft beer. Our Pepper Jack Mac 'n Cheese was very tasty, as was our Mahi Tacos.