Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Help Japan

Just like in the Gulf oil spill, some of the most affected people in Japan are the numerous fishermen and fishing companies whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami.
I strongly recommend one U.S. organization that makes sure donated funds go directly to these fishing families. The Alaska Fishing Industry Relief Mission (AFIRM), which donated money to fishing families during Hurricane Rita and the BP oil spill, is raising money for the Japanese fishing communities. The all-volunteer organization sends 100 percent of donated funds directly to fishing communities. AFIRM has already donated $20,000 to the cause.
“Our hearts and prayers are with the Japanese people as they seek to recover from the terrible tragedy, and we will look for guidance from them on how best to use the resources we raise to assist their fishing communities,” said Larry Cotter, chair of AFIRM. To find out more about AFIRM’s relief efforts, visit or call 907-586-2820.

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