Monday, May 23, 2011

The Inside Scoop on Revamped Star Tours 3D

Disney and Lucasfilm do not disappoint in their launch of the renovated, high-tech StarTours 3D attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios. George Lucas himself and “Darth Vader” were on hand when Disney launched the new attraction on May 20 in Orlando.

Photo by Shad Bookout
One of the best features of the new the 3D ride is that it is a different experience every time you go on it. There are 54 different rotating Star Wars’ movie themes that the sim ride takes you through, including the scenes we experienced: The Death Star, Kashyyyk, and Hoth. Dropping down into the Death Star from above is a dizzying experience, as is jetting between the skyscrapers on Coruscant. The neatest part about the ride is the addition of Yoda and other characters’ interaction with riders – I will not ruin the fun surprise for you.

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