Thursday, March 7, 2013

Truffles & Grouper Cheeks From a Food Truck?

Grouper Cheeks Over Saffron Rice
Many of my friends still worry about ordering food off a food truck. I guess they are worried about food sanitation, which is silly since the trucks have top-of-the-line freezers and refrigerators. I can't vouch for the quality on every food truck, but I do know that some Orlando-area food trucks serve original, gourmet food, made from the finest ingredients.

Take Ford in the Road, a gourmet food truck headed by Bryce Balluf, a former executive chef at Orlando restaurants. He puts together a unique, upscale menu that you won't see on any other truck. Today, I was excited when I saw the lunch menu at Fork in the Road. Among the dishes I wanted to try were: Escargot Puff with Mustard Cremeux, Bison Burger with Bacon Jam, Grouper Cheek Over Saffron Rice, and Mako Taco. I opted for the Grouper Cheek and MakoTaco. 

Chef Bryce Balluf
The Grouper Cheek was lightly dusted in cornmeal and spices and delicately fried. It was served with a jam that complemented the fish and saffron rice nicely. The Mako Taco was my first introduction to shark, which was also lightly breaded with cornmeal and fried. The Taco was topped with slaw and a delicious spicy mayo sauce. I truly loved the flavors and textures of both dishes. I would also highly recommend Fork in the Road's White Truffle Fungi Fries, which are topped with a delicious mushroom gravy. 

The only shock I had was when I went to pay: $22 for two entrees. While this is higher than many other food truck dishes, the quality is outstanding. At food truck events, I recommend going with friends, ordering items form a few different trucks and splitting them, so everyone gets to try delectable dishes such as those from Fork in the Road.

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