Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on Orlando's Food Truck Fight

Many of you were alarmed last week by the City of Orlando's proposed rules for food trucks - and you should be. The new requirements would drive many food trucks out of business or at the very least, push them out of the downtown area of Orlando. 

Food Trucks for Fairness is working with the City to revise the harsh rules. Here is an update from the organizaton:

"As you can see we have passed 1,000 'likes' on this page. We are encouraged and energized by the support for our businesses and this showing of community spirit. We don't want to constantly push out messages here and clog up your news feeds, but we want to keep you informed and let you know that we didn't simply put up this page hoping the issue would fix itself.

We have spoken to City or Orlando Staff and have met with two City Commissioners so far. Both commissioners have been receptive to the fact that parts of the pilot program would effectively force us to leave the City of Orlando to run our businesses. There a several requirements and restrictions that are overly burdensome and unfair.

We are asking the Mayor and Commission for reasonable changes and a seat at the table for discussions on the topic. We will make updates here and hopefully be able to report some good news, but if necessary we may use this page to ask all of you to email and call Orlando leaders and possibly to attend a City Council meeting.

Please keep an eye out for our messages and again we truly appreciate your support and involvement."

Follow Food Trucks for Fairness on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FoodTrucksForFairness. Express your concerns and solutions to this problem in the comments section below

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