Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peach Valley Cafe: Yummy Breakfast/ Brunch

Apple Fritters with 3 Dipping Sauces
Peach Valley Cafe in Orlando and Lake Mary is the perfect brunch spot. It has such an extensive menu of breakfast and lunch options, that everyone in the group is bound to be happy. I will say this up front, though: while the quality of food is 4 out of 5 stars, the service has been very slow any time I have visited. I have only eaten there during slow times, so I am not sure why it takes 25 minutes to get breakfast food and a sandwich.

On to the food: we opted for some unusual menu items. Instead of the typical Eggs Benedict, I ordered the Vegetable & Egg Croissant Benedict, with grilled tomato, asparagus, red onion and hollandaise sauce. It was much more exciting and delicious than it sounds. The hollandaise sauce was creamy and flavorful, the croissant was moist yet toasty on the outside and the asparagus added a nice crunch and flavor to the dish. Plus, I loved Peach Valley's roasted potatoes: not many restaurants get those right, in my opinion. I love them crispy and flavorful, and these were both.

The Lemonberry Pancakes - which were seasonal and may no longer be there - were moist and delicious. The flavor combination works very well, surprisingly. Next time, I want to try the Pecan Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. Those sound divine. We also had the French Dip sandwich, which had a delicious au jus dipping sauce, but the sandwich itself was just okay. 

One mistake I made was not ordering the hot Apple Fritters. I have heard great things about these little bites of goodness, and will definitely pick up a bag on my next visit!

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