Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fuji Sushi is Stil One of Our Favorites

I have gotten in the habit of eating just average sushi. Sushi that is pretty good, but I only pick it up or eat out because it is close to home, such as Mikkado Sushi in Lake Mary. This is a fact I was reminded me of on our recent visit to Fuji Sushi Japanese Cuisine in Winter Park, Fla., with friends.

I savored each bite because I had not tasted sushi so fresh and delicious, with such unique flavors, for so long. I tried two rolls that were new to me: the Honolulu Roll, which featured crispy coconut shrimp, chopped peanuts and mango, with a sweet misco
sauce. It is one of my new favorites and the sauce paired perfectly with this roll. I also had the Louisiana Roll, which included cooked crawfish, avocado and sesame seed. I expected this to be spicier and more flavorful, but I still really liked it.

Friends tried the Alaska Roll, a delicous combination of raw salmon and cream cheese and the Black Widow Roll, which has soft shell crab, scallions, spicy mayo and eel sauce. This is another really tasty roll. The Volcano Roll is another one of our favorites - especially that delicous sauce on top. 

Let us know your favorite sushi spot in Central Florida!

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