Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New favorite cupcake shop: Jillycakes

I am sorry I have waited this long to try Jillycakes, in the same shopping plaza as Trader Joe's in Winter Park. In the past, I deemed Sweet by Holly to have the best cupcakes in Orlando. These are on the same level. I was so impressed by the light, fluffy, flavorful cake and the tasty icing. it is rare that a cupcake baker gets both things right at once, and Jillycakes definitely does that. 

What I was most impressed by was that the flavor of the cake and icing tasted exactly like what the bakery promises. The Cherry Cola cupcake is spot-on like the soft drink - and of course the cola is included in the cupcake batter. Yummy. Our
favorite cupcake, though, was one of the bakery's most popular: Speculoos Cookie Butter. You get the cinnamony, nutty flavor of Trader Joe's cookie butter in both the icing and the cake. Inside the cupcake is some actual cookie butter and the cupcake is topped with one of the Speculoos cookies.

Another great thing about visiting Jillycakes is its location. In the same plaza with Trader Joe's and Shake Shack, you can eat a yummy dinner, and then enjoy cupcakes outside by the lake. And, of course, pick up your gourmet treats at Trader Joe's after.

Where: 125 N. Atlantic Ave., #5, Winter Park. Fla.


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