Thursday, August 20, 2015

Where to Find Bacon-y Goodness in Orlando

Happy National Bacon Lovers Day! I could eat bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I believe the best bacon has to start with a high-quality product, such as Boar's Head, and then be cooked to its crispiest. It must be crunchy; not limp. Above all, it must not be greasy.

I have eaten many breakfasts and brunches out, and the best bacon I have had recently was at Artisan's Table in downtown Orlando. The crispy, flavorful bacon was crumbled - in a healthy serving - on top of Breakfast in Bread, a puff pastry tart with medium cooked egg, parmesan cheese and queso blanco. The Breakfast Potatoes on the side were perfectly seasoned and fried to the right amount of crispness, and I loved the garnish of scallions.

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