Thursday, March 30, 2017

A personal message from Chef Greg Richie, Baoery Asian Gastropub

Like many of our readers, we were heartbroken to hear that Baoery Asian Gastropub in Orlando will be closing soon. The food that we tried from Baoery at the Downtown Food & Wine Fest was outstanding, modern and unique. However, the restaurant simply couldn't survive in its Thornton Park location. 

We reached out to Greg Richie, executive chef/ partner for both Baoery and Soco Thornton Park, to learn more about the eatery's closing and find out what is next.

Flavorful Excursions: What would you like to say to our readers who are sad the restaurant is closing?

Richie: I would like to thank your readers for any support they have given us. And, if you value and cherish a restaurant, go there. I have heard it heartbreakingly too often: "I hear such great things about your restaurant! I'm really looking forward to trying it." Well, we were open more than a year and a half. Many people "never got around to it". It's very sad.

Flavorful Excursions: When will the restaurant close?

Richie: We have a few good days left in us!

Flavorful Excursions: What ventures are next for you?

Richie: I'm going to focus on Soco for the time being, marshal my forces, and look for the next opportunity to try to bring yummy food to the hungry diners out there!

Again, we very sad to hear about Baoery closing. We say: there is no time like the present to try this great Orlando restaurant - and any others you have been dying to try!

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