Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Top 5 favorite things at SeaWorld Orlando

Dolphins jumping in the air. The over-the-top orca show. The delicious food. It was difficult to narrow down the most fun things we experienced during our recent day at SeaWorld Orlando, but here are a few of our favorites:

1. One Ocean. This is the infamous killer whale show, featuring smart and beautiful orca whales. It is amazing that these mammoth creatures can leap so high into the air! This and the dolphin show are the most thrilling shows at the park.

2. Dolphin Days. Similar to One Ocean, this show features several well-trained dolphins performing wondrous feats. Don't miss this show when you visit!

3. Antartica: Empire of the Penguin exhibit. Who does not love the cute way that penguins
waddle? Even better are the frigid cold temperatures, allowing a brief reprieve from the Florida heat. 

4. Pets Ahoy. I was surprised that this show - featuring all types of animals, including mice, ducks, cats and dogs - was so entertaining for both children and adults. This was my first time seeing this show, and I will definitely check it out again!

5. The food. SeaWorld restaurants have other options than just burgers and fries, unlike some other theme parks. We ate flavorful, healthy food at Seafire Grill. We would recommend the fajitas, the Tex-Mex Bowl, and the desserts.

Unfortunately, the roller coasters were having technical issues and long waits the day we visited, so I can't provide a review of those. When you visit this summer, beware of the heat. The park is hot and there is a lot of walking. The dolphin, sea lion and orca shows are outdoors, so they do not provide much relief from the heat - unless you sit near the stage/ tanks!


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