Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restaurant-Goers Looking for Value AND Indulgence

Indulgent Meals
Foodservice consulting firm Technomic’s top 11 restaurant trends for 2011 mimic the ups and downs we have seen in the U.S. economy this year.  Apparently, those of us who like to eat out will be demanding that restaurants offer us the lowest prices they can – and more coupons to boot. At the same time, many are tired of penny-pinching, and will partake in “indulgent” meals from time to time, says Technomic.
Other hot trends named by Technomic include: food trucks – the new venue for foodies, Mad Men-style retro cocktails, more growth in Korean and Asian foods, and more Southern comfort foods such as grits. On the techie front, watch for new restaurant apps, ordering your meal via kiosk, and wine lists on iPads.

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