Thursday, December 2, 2010

The World's Most Unique Hotels

I love unique hotels and Ice Hotel in Sweden is a probably the most different, daring concept I have heard about. At any Ice Hotel, you can choose to stay in an “Ice Room”, where you sleep on blocks of ice, or in a “Snow Room”, in which you sleep on snow but are warmed by sleeping bags and reindeer skins. Ice Hotel is not the only hotel offering something different, though.
The NU Hotel in Brooklyn, N.Y., features chalkboard walls in its guest bathrooms. That way, if you get a fabulous business idea at 2:00 a.m., or simply want to write a note to your spouse, you can do so. At the new Soho Beach House in Miami, Fla., a retro photo booth greets guests who can have their pics taken for free. The hotel then hangs some of the fun photos in its hallway. While some of these unique hotels are pricy, I believe the cost is worth having an experience that you would not have anywhere else.

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