Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ice Skating in Florida

I realize that ice and snow are an oxymoron in Central Florida. But the other night, I was able to experience both, when I went ice skating at the University of Central Florida. UCF’s annual “Light Up UCF”, held from November 12 through January 2, boasts a full-size skating rink, a sledding slope with snow and ice, carolers, a light show, and rides. My friends and I had a blast ice skating, with the DJ playing popular songs and Christmas tunes. Although I had not been skating for years, I was able to pick it up again and feel comfortable on the ice. I even went sledding.
This fun holiday event even sports a Ferris wheel and a carousel for the kids. The cost is reasonable for families too: $12 for ice skiing and rides starting at $4.25.

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