Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Drink For a Better Environment

I – like a lot of other travelers – am going green. I like to eat organic produce, use natural skin care products, and recycle at my home. I hadn’t really thought about extending green into my cocktail choices, though, until Wyndham Hotels and Resorts came out with an eco-friendly beverage menu. The new menu features organic wines, beers, and cocktails. Each Wyndham lounge also features a “TRU Blue Signature Organic Cocktail”, a martini made with TRU organic vodka, Fruit Lab organic orange liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and naturally blue-tinted simple syrup. It sounds very good.
Greenbar Collective, which makes TRU vodka and Fruit Lab Liqueurs, will plant a tree in Central American rainforests for every TRU Blue cocktail sold. Kudos to these companies for doing good, and helping us drink well!

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