Thursday, March 29, 2012

Support Sanford's Soulful, Classic Eateries

Ever since the revitalization of downtown Sanford a few years ago, the area has made a name for itself with its kitschy art shops, antique and clothing stores, and its increasingly sophisticated food offerings. Now, that reputation is in jeopardy as some locals avoid downtown Sanford because of tension and demonstrations surrounding the Trayvon Martin case.

Instead of focusing on that, we are going to highlight some of the yummiest food coming out of the city. Here are the top places to eat and drink, according to my excursions and recommendations from friends and fellow food bloggers:

Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe
1. Across the board, everyone recommends Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe. The restaurant not only offers the most authentic German food in town, but the most fun pub atmosphere that I have experienced. When several tables of people are passing around a boot filled with beer and chanting, "Ziggy, zaggy, ziggy, zaggy, oy, oy, oy" with the polka band, you know you are having a great time. Try the Cheesy Potato Pancakes and Spaetzle.

2. Magnolia Square Market is also popular with readers of this blog. It is a traditional deli and store that focuses on German delicacies, and offers beer, wine, organic produce, and gluten-free foods. The market is an extension of Hollerbach's restaurant, and I cannot wait to try it.

3. I am thoroughly impressed by Cafe Rouge's selection of house roasted meats, natural locally-baked breads, and European desserts. Entrees to try  include Traditional English Shepherd's Pie and Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Cream Sherry Sauce. They also have Jalapeno Poppers in their wide selection of appetizers!

4. Sanford Wine Company offers live music during the week, along with several beer and wine tasting events. Its specialty brews include Honey Amber Rose from Florida and Hazed & Infused Dry Hopped Ale from Boulder, Colo.

5. My friends like Sergios Restaurant & Sports Bar because of its delicious and well-priced Italian buffet. They also do a great job with their atmosphere, including live music.

There are many other great places to eat and drink in downtown Sanford that I may have missed. Comment below and tell me about your favorites.

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