Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to Order at Bahama Breeze

For the most part, I love Bahama Breeze. The restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere and staff, a wide variety of food, and the best Caribbean-style drinks (with late-night happy hour!). However, on our latest trip there, I was reminded of the few things I don't like about it. 

There is usually a long wait. Forget trying to go on the weekends. The parking and wait are horrendous. I thought a Tuesday night would be better, but no, still a 30-minute wait for seating and quite awhile for food. Plus, even though I had a great $10 off coupon, our dinner was still pricey. The quality and atmosphere are great, though, so I am willing to pay that once in awhile.

I do like that Bahama Breeze has added a lot of different small plates and apps, so I can have and share a variety of foods. On this visit, I ordered the Skillet-Simmered Jerk Shrimp appetizer, soaked in a garlic-thyme butter sauce. I love this sauce as well as the heat from the shrimp. Plus, a generous portion of shrimp are provided and - literally - a whole loaf of Cuban bread to dip in the delicious sauce. I also ordered the Truffled Yuca Fries, which were crispy and seasoned very well. I feel like I have had the best Yuca fries off the Twisted Cuban food truck, but these were very good.

Other small plates and entrees that I would recommend include: Seafood Paella, Key West Fish Tacos, Ahi Tuna Stack, and Jumbo Lump Crab Stack. Also, their burgers are very good.
What are your favorite dishes there?

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