Friday, May 30, 2014

Avenue Thai and Sushi Gets Both Right

When I was craving Thai food the other night, I decided to visit a place I have been wanting to try for months: Avenue Thai and Sushi on Park Ave. in Winter Park, Fla. I am really glad I did! It was surprising to see an affordably-priced restaurant with a great atmosphere and food on Park Ave.

I tried the Green Curry, which featured the perfect mix of sweetness from the coconut milk and hot spice: not overdone, but not too little. The chicken was slightly overcooked, but I liked the flavor so much that I didn't mind too much. The dish was $12.95, and I had leftovers for lunch.

I have heard great things about Avenue Thai and Sushi's many sushi rolls, too. My friends love
Photo Courtesy Avenue Thai & Sushi
the Mango, Soft Shell Crab and Tempura Shrimp roll, along with the Spring Rolls and Chicken Satay dish. Next time I visit, I will try more sushi rolls, and let you know how they are.

If you have been dying to try Avenue Thai and Sushi, now is the time! There is a Refer Local deal that is $10 for $20 worth at the restaurant for a limited time only. Here is the link:

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