Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Don't Miss Crane's Roost Christmas Lights...and Pizza

One of the must-visits this holiday season is Cranes Roost Park's Christmas light display. It is probably the best non-residential display in town. Kids and adults love walking the mile around the lake to see the oversized animal displays and lit arches. My favorite part, though, is the massive Christmas tree near the "dancing fountain".

Before we went to see the great lights the other night, we ate at the nearby Tuscan Pizza (formerly Red Brick Pizza) near Marshall's, so we could easily walk to the lights. Tuscan Pizza is a very family-friendly place that has pretty good food (not excellent, but pretty good). There are flat-screen TVs and remote controls at each table, which I don't like, but I guess it helps keeps kids occupied. You order your pizza, salads or sandwiches at the counter, and they are made-to-order in front of you.

We tried the Mushroom, Hamburger and Mozarella pizza which was fairly good. Not the best we've ever had, but some good flavors. We were suprised that the Chinese Chicken Salad was so good, with fresh ingredients including mandarin oranges. Our favorite part was the dessert, with several gelatos and sorbets to choose from, at a reasonable price. The pistachio gelato is a must-try, as is the strawberry sorbet.

While I wouldn't make a special trip to Tuscan Pizza, it is definitely a fun, convenient place to dine when visiting the magnificent Christmas lights at Crane's Roost.

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