Thursday, June 2, 2016

Don't miss pop-up Tennessee Truffle in Sanford

Only 10 minutes from my house and getting great reviews, I couldn't resist trying a pop-up restaurant in Sanford that has only been open for two weeks. While one of the owners, Nat Russell, originally said that The Tennessee Truffle would only likely be open for a month, he is hoping to extend that after a great reception from the community.

I can see why. This small restaurant in downtown Sanford has a great vibe, friendly owners and staff, and delicious Southern food. "I grew up in Memphis, and I love the grittiness, the music and the food," the chef said of his inspiration for the restaurant. Plus, he generously greeted every customer and explained their dish to them. 

A mainstay of The Tennessee Truffle's menu is the biscuits, so they have to be very good. I am happy to report that the chefs produce very delicious biscuits. They are airy and tasty, but dense enough to hold together to be used as bread for sandwiches. I ordered the Chicken Sandwich with Pickled Zucchini. I got the perfect bite: the combination of scrumptious biscuit, perfectly-cooked and flavored chicken (not fried!), along and sweet and tangy zucchini. 

The side was also tasty: Macaroni and Roasted Tomatoes. No cheese, and still very yummy. I also wanted to try the Anson Mills grits, which have received rave reviews, but was too full. I will get to taste those when I return for breakfast. 

I got to try the house-cured bacon and am a huge fan. I think the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit will be my next breakfast order! I also need to try the desserts, including homemade ice cream and Chocolate Gravy Biscuits. 

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