Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why you need to eat at Hemisphere restaurant

Photo by Shad Bookout
The renovated Hemisphere restaurant at the Hyatt Orlando Airport screams modern and comfortable - but not just in the "wow" design. The menu reflects the current dining trend: small plates that are shareable over great conversation and even better cocktails. But these are not your typical small plates. After working in several different cities across the U.S., executive chef Jeff Powell and Sous Chef Jason bring completely original and flavorful dishes to the new menu.

For example, the Chef's Signature Pork Belly is unlike any pork belly dish I have had, and the pork belly itself is probably the best one I have had. It is served with succulent slow-pickled blueberries, a sun choke puree and candied jalapenos. Another revelation was the Avocado Toast, which again, is unlike any other avocado toast dish. The sweeter tomato jam complements and contrasts the avocado toast nicely - as does the radish and tangy queso fresco.

Pork Belly - Photo by Shad Bookout
We also tried the most unique Haricot Verts (green beans), which have a delicious earthiness from nduja spicy Italian salumi, and sauteed red onions. It is served with a sunny side up organic egg - a perfect complement to this dish! We also loved the Soft Shell Crab dish, which is served with fried green tomato, boursin grits and arugula salad. Both the crab and tomato were perfectly breaded and fried and so flavorful!

Every dessert we tried also stood apart from any other restaurants. For instance, the Molten Lava Cake is ooey-gooey like you want it to be, but has a nice surprise with the gingersnap crumble. The Key Lime Pie Choux au Craquelin is unlike any Key Lime Pie you have had - and more delicious. We also tried two outstanding signature cocktails that are different than those offered at any other restaurant: Hendricks Pink Fern Gin and Silver Basil - sort of like a margarita, infused with basil.

Photo by Shad Bookout
While the atmosphere inside the restaurant is outstanding, many travelers through the airport dine at the eatery for the incredible view. It is so fun - for kids and adults alike - to watch planes arriving and departing. And when there is a launch from Cape Canaveral, you can see that, too! Before our next flight, we plan to forgo the fast food options in the main terminals and relax with outstanding food, wine and cocktails at Hemisphere.

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