Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Flavorful, artsy brunch at 1921 by Norman van Aken

Looking for a different spot for Sunday brunch? I was too, and found a very delicious, unique and artsy brunch at 1921 by Norman van Aken in Mount Dora, Fla. 

We previously dined here for dinner and were incredibly impressed by the fresh, local seafood menu, along with dishes and pairings not found anywhere else. We also loved the art on display throughout the restaurant from the Modernism Museum across the street. Plus, we had the pleasure of meeting 1921's owner and author of Norman van Aken's Florida Kitchen, Norman van Aken. What a down-to-earth, wonderful person to get to know. Although he has had considerable success in Miami, van Aken's cuisine at 1921 has a unique Central Florida vibe with Asian influences.

Back to brunch. Everyone at the table was presented a special menu because it was my birthday - what a nice touch! The unique brunch menu has so much to choose from, including oysters and the restaurant's version of chicken and waffles. 

One of the favorite dishes we ordered was the Corn Tamale Scramble with chorizo sausage and tomatillo salsa. The flavorful and novel dish was delicious - and featured the artsy presentation you would expect from this eatery. The Eggs Benedict was different than any other Eggs Benedict I have tried, with pork belly and creamed spinach. All the flavors worked together very well, and I loved the pork belly and hollandaise sauce.

The Golden Pancakes with citrus curd and fresh fruit were also delicious. While the 1921 Burger with house bacon and horseradish cream was tasty, we were shocked at the price of the dish: $17.

Before or after brunch, take time to walk around downtown Mount Dora, where you can find some wonderful gifts for both human and furry friends!

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