Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Taste Buds Delighted at Houng Viet

Thanks to my niece for introducing me to a delicious Vietnamese restaurant in Orlando: Houng Viet Vietnamese Cuisine on Colonial Drive in Chinatown.

Every dish our group had was tasty and spicy, and absolutely the flavors I am looking for in Vietnamese Gumbo, pho and other dishes. We started with the egg rolls, which are different than any other restaurant I have been to: ground meat/ pork with such a nice kick of heat that I was not expecting. 

We all loved our entrees and would recommend them on your next visit. Hue Spicy Soup, with tendon, shank, special meat balls and thick rice vermicelli is similar to pho, but probably the spiciest soup we have had. If you like heat, you definitely need to order this dish! The Vietnamese Gumbo, with fermented fish vermicelli, fish, shrimp and pork, had such a depth of flavor. We loved it. 

The Fried Rice here is also tasty, with the addition of peanut, a little cilantro, and a hint of spice. There are so many other dishes we would have liked to order, including the Vietnamese subs. We will definitely be back!

For dessert, the Pineapple Boba Tea was delicious and had a hint of butterscotch or caramel flavor that we really liked. The Strawberry Smoothie was also very yummy.
Where: 5286 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando.

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