Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Longwood Craft Brewery Falls Flat

If you are looking for a small, laid-back place to enjoy unique craft beers, The Hourglass Brewery is your spot.

We wanted something fun and different to do on a Saturday night, so we decided to check it out. The tasting room is set up like a bar: you can order one of the craft beers on tap or in the bottle at this counter. This room is smaller than you would expect, and gets a bit backed up since there is only one server working.  On the plus side, we ordered a flight of beer at $7 for 7 large tasting glasses - a great deal! It was very fun to try all the different flavors. Our favorites were Milk, which is very smooth, and the Amber Ale, which is mild with honey notes. The most off-putting flavors - in our opinion- were Farmhouse Citrus and Wildflower Ale. They were just too strong.

Another draw of The Hourglass Brewery is great daily specials, including $1 pitchers and game night on Saturday night. However, when we went out to the Beer Garden to enjoy drinks and games, there were about three games available. And there is no staff there to organize games, or explain how they work, so that experience sort of fell flat. I guess we are used to bars where there is more going on - more of a vibe - so we were a little bored.

Still, I can see how it is great place for those who live in Seminole County and want a relaxed night out with friends.

Where: 255 South Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood, Fla.

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