Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Best Shrimp, Oysters & Fritters in Florida

The only thing I am upset about after my visit to Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant http://www.dixiecrossroads.com in Titusville, Fla., is that I did not try their wonderful food earlier! So many friends and blog readers had told me that this was one of their favorite places to eat. In fact, the Southern-inspired eatery gets visitors from all over the state – and the world. Now, I know why.

Corn Fritters - by Shad Bookout

Our meal started with a basket of complimentary corn fritters. These heavenly creations are unlike any corn fritters I have ever had. I don’t know how the chefs get the fritter so light and airy – most fritters are fairly dense. The fritters are fried lightly, so they are a little doughy inside, which is the perfect texture. Then, they are lightly dusted with powdered sugar. A meal that starts like that has got to be amazing.

Next, we tried a variety of appetizers. I never thought this would happen, but Dixie Crossroads got me to actually like oysters. The Char-Grilled Texas oysters is what did it. They are grilled just right and topped with cheese, butter, and bread crumbs. What a great recipe! I would also highly recommend the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and the Shrimp Cocktail – both featured Cape Canaveral brown shrimp on this visit. The shrimp cocktail was not overcooked, and the flavor was light and wonderful. The coconut shrimp was too greasy for my taste.
I didn’t realize the best was yet to come. Have you ever tasted Cape Canaveral Royal Red Shrimp? If not, this is the dish you must order at Dixie Crossroads. This shrimp dish
Rock Shrimp -By Shad Bookout
Rock Shrimp -
By Shad Bookout
- served broiled with butter and lemon – is sweet and is one of the best seafood dishes I have ever tasted. We also had the Royal Red shrimp fried, but I prefer to savor the flavor plain. Make sure you order the broiled Rock Shrimp as well – it also has a sweet, lobster-like flavor.
We tried one of the fish in season: Blackened Golden Tilefish, which is a mild, fleshy fish. The fish itself actually tastes a bit buttery! It was prepared perfectly, but was not my
favorite fish by itself. I would eat it in a rice dish or in a fish taco. Although we could not have possibly fit one more bite of food in our mouths, I was happy to see the Dixie Crossroads has such a varied menu for those who are not seafood lovers. They have a variety of pastas, sandwiches, burgers, and beef dishes.
Tips: If you want to beat the rush, show up for dinner around 4:30 p.m. Take time before or after your meal to see the turtles and fish swimming in front of the restaurant.
Where: 1475 Garden St., Titusville, FL  32796

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