Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4 Rivers' Sweet Shop Takes the Cake

So many of Flavorful Excursions' readers love 4 Rivers Smokehouse for its amazing barbecue (including St. Louis style ribs and brisket sandwiches), but have you tried the restaurant's desserts? You really should. There is something at 4 Rivers Sweet Shop for everyone!

If you are into cupcakes, Sweet Shop has more than 10 varieties daily, including oustanding, unique flavors such as Mountain Dew, Junkfood, Earthquake and the popular Birthday Cake. The shop also features a number of cakes, such as Red Velvet and Carrot Cake. S'Mores Brownies, Chocolate Mint Covered Oreos, and Red Velvet Whoopie Pie sandwiches also make the list. 

Still, I have not even begun listing the ice cream flavors and desserts available, since I simply could not try all the desserts there in one visit! When I recently visited the Longwood location (which is very convenient, since it is right off of I-4 on 434), I tried a few of the house-made bars because the flavors sounded so unique and delectable. The Texas Bourbon Pecan Pie did not disappoint. I really got the strong flavors of bourbon in the not-too-sweet fillng, along with a wonderful crust and toasted pecans. This bar is one of my new favorite desserts. 
Texas Bourbon Pecan Pie

I also loved the Peanut Butter Kiss bar. It tasted exactly like the name and the flavors work perfectly together. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar tastes exactly like a sweeter version of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Again, it is not too sweet and all the flowers fit together perfectly. I really have no complaints about my first visit to the 4 Rivers Sweet Shop, and can't wait to go back. Which desserts should I try next?

Where: Inside 4 Rivers' Winter Park, Longwood, and Jacksonville locations

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