Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Delicious Asian Fusion Tacos at Tako Cheena

Panko Crusted Cod & Korean Beef Takos
A loyal Flavorful Excursions reader and friend has been urging me to try Tako Cheena since it opened less than a year ago in the Mills District in Orlando. I can see why. This small, unassuming Asian fusion spot (I call it Asian-Mexican, but there are lots of other flavors incorporated into the food) provides something new and different to the Orlando dining scene.

The "takos" are reasonably priced and delicous, and the restaurant draws a young, eclectic crowd. Our favorite tako was the Panko Crusted Cod tako, which is lightly breaded and has just the right amount of crunch with coleslaw and a sweet and sour sauce. The house-made sauce, which is both sweet and spicy, blanaced out the cod perfectly. We also liked the Korean Beef tako, which features delicious marinated beef, house-made Kimchi, cliantro, and roasted sesame seeds. For some reason, the beef itself had a weird texture, so we would recommend the cod tako over the beef.

The entire staff was so friendly and welcoming, especially when I mentioned I had food allergies. This restaurant goes out of their way for guests on special diets, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Since I eat gluten-free, I was able to order my Thai Peanut Chicken tako served over rice (you can also order any of the takos served over cabbage slaw). It was delicous over rice! The secret recipe peanut sauce is to die for. I loved the perfect balance of sweet and spice in that sauce, and it made the dish.

Have you tried Tako Cheena yet? Please post your review below.

Where: 932 Mills Ave., Orlando, Fla.

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