Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why we love Red Robin's Fruffles

We are bringing one of our most popular blog posts for Throwback Thursday. If you haven't tried Red Robin's Fruffles yet, get some today!

By Guest Blogger Shelby Gurley

Red Robin Fruffles Burgers
Check out Red Robin's new chocolate Fruffles. These creamy fudge brownies are elegantly cut to resemble Red Robin's infamous steak fries, and then dipped in decadent chocolate. 

But, instead of regular tomato ketchup, this sweet and salty treat is dipped in whipped cream and berry "ketchup". What makes this treat special is the salt. By putting salt on the chocolate, it contrasts the flavors, so it really enhances the richness of the dessert.

Have you tried the Fruffles? We would like to know what you think of them - and Red Robin's burgers - in the comments section below.

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