Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Corner Cafe a Hidden Gem in Sanford

My first visit to The Corner Cafe in Sanford was definitely a pleasant one. After reading great reviews about the restaurant on TripAdvisor, I knew I needed to check the place out for myself. Downtown Sanford is so close to home, and I am making an effort to explore all the things it has to offer.

I arrived before the lunch rush, and was pleasantly surprised when the chef/ owner Michael O'Brien and one of the employees struck up conversations with me. They were so friendly and welcoming, and wanted to make sure I had a great experience there. The small restaurant has a great atmosphere and feels bigger than it is. Locals go there for the delicious French Onion Soup in a bread bowl, the other house-made soups and the great sandwiches. 

Due to food allergies, I was not able to try the sandwiches, but I did try one of the most delicious, homey soups I have ever had: the Celery-Vegetable Soup. While the soup is great for vegetarians, anyone would love its meaty, buttery flavor. I don't know how they got that much flavor out of celery and vegetables, but it was delicious. I also tasted the Tomato Florentine Soup with spinach, which I didn't like as much. It's probably just a personal preference, but it was too sweet, reminding me of a spaghetti sauce.

I also had the half Cobb salad, which was alright. Everything tasted good, but there wasn't anything that made this Cobb salad stand apart from every other one. I didn't get a ton of food for the price, but you do get a drink with the meal deal: half grilled sandwich or half salad with soup for $12.95. They also throw in a mini dessert - in this case a cheesecake with orange sauce and whipped cream - which was delicious.

I will definitely visit Corner Cafe again, if even just for the Celery-Vegetable Soup and friendly service!

Where: 101 W. First St., Sanford, FL 32771

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