Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is Cozee Cafe Worth the Wait?

I was hoping so. It is always nerve-wracking, visiting a new restaurant for the first time - without reading reviews or getting recommendations from friends. I simply based my decision to visit on the number of people often sitting outside on the patio at Cozee Cafe in Lake Mary.

We visited at an off-time on a Saturday, but apparently the lunch rush wasn't over. Of course we were hungry for a late lunch. Any time it takes 35 minutes to get a breakfast sandwich and a fish sandwich, there is a problem. 

I wish I could say the food was worth the wait. Well, some of it was. The Blackened Salmon Sandwich was cooked perfectly and the greens paired nicely with the fish. The fries were awful. The Egg and Bacon Breakfast Croissant was just okay. It was a bit greasy. The best part was the croissant, which tasted homemade. 

Instead of just leaving upset, I talked to the manager about my experience. I asked him if over 30 minutes is a normal wait time to receive food. He assured me that it was not. He explained that the kitchen got backed up and food typically only takes 15 minutes. To make up for the wait, he offered a complimentary dessert, which was the Caramel Flan. It was very tasty! I truly appreciate the gesture, and think it is very smart when managers make up for bad experiences with a free dessert or discounts off the guest's next meal. 

I guess the awful service and wait time just left too much of a bad taste in my mouth - pun intended - for me to return anytime soon. It was disheartening that our server never visited our table throughout the wait to check on us. It was also sad to see - when the kitchen was so backed up - the manager simply rolling silverware for the next service instead of preparing or expediting food. I was really looking forward to trying some of the other items on the menu - such as the Peri-peri Wings - because it looks like the restaurant features some unique flavors and dishes. 

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