Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yummy TV Dinners & More at The Porch

The Porch restaurant, tv dinner, fried chicken, chicken fingersThe great prices. The excellent food. The casual sports bar atmosphere. All these qualities make me mad that I didn't find out about the excellent The Porch restaurant in Winter Park until recently. A friend recommended it, and we have dined there twice.

Almost all the food we had was very high quality, and huge portions for the price. This, of course, is surprising for Winter Park. Similar to many Lake Mary eateries, I find that Winter Park restaurants typically jack up their prices, knowing that they have clientele who will pay. While The Porch positions itself as a sports bar, it has food that is more delicious than any sports bar I have been to in Central Florida.

Sweet Potato tots, tater tots, french fries, Winter Park Fla.We have tried quite a few different dishes at The Porch, and I would recommend them all. But here are Top 5 favorites:

1. The Porch TV Dinner ($9.99), which includes chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac 'n cheese and corn on the cob. While we weren't blown away by the sides, we love the chicken fingers. The crispy breading has a wonderful cayenne flavor, and the chicken is tender. You get a huge amount of food, and we love how many dishes are presented on metal TV trays - comfort food like mom used to make.

2. Sweet Potato Tots ($3.50). These are the best thing I have had in quite awhile. I love sweet potato fries, but these go beyond. Trust me; order them.

Winter Park sports bar, sports bar, Orlando
3. Rise 'n Shine sandwich. I can't find it on the menu now, but judging by this sandwich, you should order any of the restaurant's sandwiches or burgers. This included fried chicken, egg and bacon. It was very huge and very juicy, and we loved it.

4. Giant Cobb Salad ($10.99). I had no idea that "giant" meant my salad would be served in a 70s-style wooden salad serving bowl that is enough to feed a family of four. In addition to the huge portion, all the ingredients were fresh and delicious. I highly recommend this salad.

5. Fish Tacos ($11.99). Three blackened fish tacos with lots of yummy stuff. I realize this is a simple dish, but they do it better than other restaurants. All the ingredients are fresh and the tortillas are grilled.

Where: 643 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park, Fla.

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